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Offline Classes

Avoids social hosting like uploading to Youtube.

Protects your copyright effectively.

Prepare once and Use for years to come.


Feed My Child

Parents sometimes need to administer their child at school.

Be it Breakfast or Lunch. Or may be Medicines.

In-Person notification is difficult.

This module automate the process and keep parents cool.



Management can send reminders to students and parents.

Parents and students can also create reminders for their own need.

For both they get notifications.

send reminders to parents


Not just a list of homework.

Students can see deadline to finish them.

Students can mark completed homework, so that they can easily concentrate on uncompleted ones.

Helps to manage their time efficiently.

see deadline of your homework


Different attendance report to get the insights.

Analyze and understand the leaves taken by students.

It would be helpful to assist students in reducing leaves.

cloud based integrations

Cloud Based Integration Solution

interactive app

Interactive Productive Tool

friendly app

Human Friendly

safe and secure

Safe and Secure

real time updates

Real Time Updates

unique identity

Unique Identity in your Geography

Entire Feature List

Homework – Subject wise, with deadline enabled for Projects, Assignments.

Homework – attachments enabled.

Homework – Students can mark completed status. Helps for efficient time management.

Attendance – Teachers can take attendance of a particular class.

Attendance – Absent and Late information will be reported to the parent through push notifications.

Attendance – Various charts helps to take actions to maximize attendance percentage.

Attendance – Parents can view attendance report per month. Both absent and late information are marked.

Announcements – School can send announcements to all classes or to a specific class or to a group of students.

Announcements – WYSIWYG enabled editor to prepare the announcement draft as you prepare in MSWORD.

Announcements with any type of attachments. (PDF, image, doc, xls)

Reminders – School can set reminders to all classes or to a specific class or to a group of students.

Reminders – Parents or Students can set reminders for their own needs and track them.

Reminders – Reminder Notification in mobile at the time of the reminder.

Leave application and approval.

Real time notifications for leave approvals and rejections.

Messages – For individual communications.

Messages – Parents can send message to school management. School management can send messages to parents.

Feed My Child – Parents can request school management to administer their child.

Feed My Child – To give breakfast or lunch or medicines.

Feed My Child – School management can update the status, which can be tracked by the parents.

Feed My Child – Parents will receive real time notifications about their Feed My Child request.

Online Classes – School can schedule meeting for online classes and send to students class-wise.

Offline Classes – School can upload offline class materials to our partner servers and share links to students class-wise.

Rank Reports of students.

Photo gallery for events happening in school.

Open WhatsApp